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Oh Snap! Nice to meet you.

Looking for a graphic designer and creative mastermind to take your business to the next level? I would love to help you out.

Oh Snap Grfx is the alter ego of freelance designer and illustrator Wouter Lierman.
A creative young mind with an eye for detail and a strong passion for the craft, born and raised in Belgium (1987).

What started out as bedroom hobby turned in to a full-time freelance carrier. His mission is to deliver strong visuals and beautiful artworks that are timeless and unique. He has a weakness for sharp shapes, dark outlines and vintage design which can be found in a lot of his work. Wouter is on a constant search for balance between reality and dreams, life as a professional designer and a youthful rebel, nature and the urban jungle of the modern cities.

Throughout his creative journey Wouter brought his artistic input to numerous projects for clients such as Knack, Red Bull, Vice Magazine, Jansport, Carlsberg, Hello Bank! and many others.


Don’t hesitate to contact me for new adventures, creative journeys and projects.
I love a good challenge and an inspiring partnership.

+32 496 79 22 82 – info(at)ohsnap.be