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Oh Snap! Welcome to my blog page.

On this page I will share some personal posts about my work flow, projects and inspiration. I will try to write some interesting posts about what motivates me as a freelance designer and tell you a little bit about my mentors and teachors. Each one teach one!

1 Year Of Freshness (Lapel Pins)

Oh Snap! It’s crazy to see how time flies… About a year ago one of my childhood friends opened a new shop in the heart of Bruges. Lucky for me, we both...

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West Vloams Vo Je Fretter

The catchphrase ‘West Vloams Vo Je Fretter’ finds it’s origine on the first Grafgravers EP ‘Woedn’t Echt’ (We keep it real) that was released under Phatmark Collective in 2012. Up until the...

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