Hello Bank! Kusttram

Hello Bank! Kusttram

Is it a plane? Is it a tram? It’s the best of both, actually. It’s fast, it’s comfortable, it’s good for the environment and there’s free internet. It’s a tram turned into a plane by the young makers of Urban Crafts. Hello bank!, asked Urban Crafts ‘to do something crazy with the coastal tram’, because the bank provides free internet on the tram during the summer months and it wants people to notice.

Client: Hello Bank! Agency: Urban Crafts (Trendwolves) – Project Manager: Robbe Boone – Graphic Design & illustrations: Wouter Lierman (Oh Snap Grfx)
Urban Crafts Team:
 Yana Christiaens, Sander Heremans, Tim Duerinck, Jasper Léonard, Alexander Stagier, Daniel Makhev, Matthias De Pauw, Emilio Leys, Sven Mes, Reinhart Paelinck, Charlotte Debyser, Kevin Celis, Antoon Van den Ecker, Sam Ponette & Eno Swinnen.

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