Red Bull Logos

Red Bull Logos

Hearing the words “full moon”, we immediately think of ghost stories, crazy behavior and magical legends such as werewolves, zombies, etc… That’s what “Red Bull Full Moon” is all about! A bunch of young, hungry wolves, bitten by sports (basketball, wake boarding, basketball, skateboarding…), fighting over the title in the darkest hours of the night. “Red Bull Tout Droit” is a unique cyclocross where the bikers have to  go in a straight line from point A to B. On this trip they come across numerous obstacles that are typical or original in the cyclocross world. On Saturday, August 23 (2014) 16 cable wakeboarders from various Belgian cable parks competed against each other on the flat water of the Islet during the first edition of “Red Bull Streamline” . A 220-meter cable, 4 ultimate obstacles, a unique location (MAS Antwerp) and a frenzied crowd that blown away by the spectacular jumps, tricks,…

Client: Red Bull Belgium
 – Art Direction: Pieterjan Zwartjes
 – Pictures: © Red Bull, Wilhelm Westergren, Nathan Polis & Bavo Swijge – Logo designs: Wouter Lierman – Oh Snap Grfx

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